We, the Europe class 4HLC and teachers Christine Ankele and Waltraud Riedl made a  trip by bus to Brussels. 

The trip started on the 2nd  June 2013. On the way we stopped in
Strasbourg. There we had a breakfast and  then we visited the European
Parliament. In the afternoon we arrived in  Brussels and checked in in
the hostel "Sleepwell". 

On the next day we went to  Waterloo and there we learned more about
the French Revolution. In the  afternoon we visited the city of Leuven. 

On Wednesday we were in the  "Tirolbüro" and afterwards - thanks to
the invitation of  Heinz K. Becker, an Austrian member of the European
Parliament - we had the  chance to learn the European Parliament in

During our sightseeing tour through Brussels, we also  went to see the
amazing "Atomium". On the way back we stopped in Schengen and got  some
information about the Schengen Agreement.

All in all we  learned a lot about Europe and we had a great time in Brussels.

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