From the 6th to 10th of April, our team of 7 pupils and our class teacher from HLW Kufstein in Austria went to Riga. The purpose of the journey was the 4th and at the same time the last meeting of the Comenius Project “Mankind in Motion”. The five European countries that participated were Germany, Latvia, Sweden, France and Austria.


Starting with a Sightseeing-tour on Monday, all of the students had the possibility to discover the beautiful old, old historical town of Riga. In the end we had to present our impressions of the European Capital of Culture 2014, that offers a lot of old buildings as for example the House of Blackheads, the Cat House or the Cathedral.


The next day we went to Baldone to visit a huge observatory to take a look at the stars and the planets.  Afterwards we had a guided tour through the picturesque castle “Rundale”, which is popular for its unique architecture. The day ended perfectly with a walk at the beach of Jurmala.


Day three of our journey was planned to hold the presentations that we made at home in front of the Comenius group. For this meeting we had to plan a year abroad in a foreign country which we proudly presented in Riga Classical Gymnasium. The big variety of the different kinds of presentations made the day very interesting and original. In the evening the five countries showed up with traditional songs and dance performances and this was the perfect ending of a successful project.


Through our stay we gained a lot of experience in understanding different cultures and a good impression of what Latvia’s culture is about. More than anything else, Riga enchanted with its interesting and multifaceted history. What is remarkable about the city are Influences from Sweden, Germany and Russia. These are responsible for its uniqueness.


When you go to Riga as an Austrian person, you are faced with a completely different lifestyle and habits. As the people are very hospitable and friendly, they make foreigners feel welcome in their city. Our host families made sure, that we’re feeling good and that we’re having a great time there. We found out that Riga is a very safe place and that there’s no need to be aware of thieves when walking in the city. Besides, we were glad about the excellent means of transport like for example the bus system that makes it unnecessary to wait long hours to go from one place to the other.


We arrived back home with a lot of unforgettable memories of Riga and the friends we made there. We can recommend this city to everyone that is open to get to know a new culture and to find out more about this eastern part of Europe.


So make sure to visit Riga one time, it’s worth it.


Trip to Riga

Hey guys!


Some girls of our class are going to travel to Latvia in April. At the moment we are very busy because we are preparing our presentations for the trip. We are really looking forward to see all the famous buildings and cities.

We also have to learn a lot for our final exams which will take time in May and June, but we are confident, that everybody will pass them.


Now some information about Latvia:


-    capital city: Riga

-    since 2004 part of the EU

-    Currency: Euro

-    64.589 km²

-    inhabitants: 2.032.800

-    language: latvian


See you in April!


My hometown Brixen im Thale

As the oldest village, Brixen im Thale gave the valley its name. In contrast to many other alpine valleys, the Brixental does not come to a dead end, but is open at both ends. It links to the Inn Valley in the west and to the Kitzbühel area in the east. Nestled among gentle grassy hills, the charming village of Brixen im Thale in the heart of Brixental valley is just a 10-minute drive from Kitzbühel. Today, Brixen has made a name for itself with family-run 4-star hotels, comfortable B&Bs, traditional inns, holiday apartments in every conceivable category and with "holidays on the farm". A centrally located and spacious campsite is also available. In winter there are a lot of choices to practice your favorite sport activity like skiing, cross-country skiing, alpine touring, ice skating, snowboarding, luging, snowshoeing,… With the construction of the "SkiWelt Bahn" lift, a connection was established between the largest interconnected ski area - the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental and the ski area Kirchberg – Kitzbühel. 279 km of ski runs, 91 modern cable cars and lifts, 84 rustic Alpine huts and après ski bars are all easily accessed from the villages of Brixen im Thale, Ellmau, Going, Hopfgarten, Itter, Kelchsau, Scheffau, Söll and Westendorf.


One weekend long you have the chance to visit the most popular and dangerous ski race worldwide. The spectacular “Hahnenkammrace” in Kitzbühel. Circa 100.000 visitors arrive in Tyrol to see this amazing race and a lot more.  It’s an event you have to see once in a lifetime. 

Picture of the Hahnenkamm race

Christmas Holidays

Hello everybody!


Our class is looking forward to the christmas holidays. On the 20th of december we go to the cinema together. The last weeks were very stressful and we had to learn a lot but now nearly all tests are finished.

We will enjoy our christmas holidays and start with motivation in 2014. The next months won't be easy but if we learn we will pass the final exams.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody!!!


Trip to Montpellier

On the 13th of October a part of the 5CHW class and a part from the 2CHW are going to the city Montpellier. The pupils will live in houses of their host families.  


They will do a lot of interesting projects about the topic “migration”. Our students prepared their presentationes for example about the Austrian culture and their home countries. Our classmembers will have the chance to improve their language and an impression of the French culture.

The students will also visit many exciting places and buildings, where they have never been before.

They are looking forward to a great week!

Picture of the city Montpellier

Beginning of the school year

On the 9th of September we started the new school year with a lot of energy and motivation.
Everybody is looking forward to a successful year.

Photo of our class

School ending

On our last school week we  went to the zoo. On Wednesday we made
decoration for the prom in October 2013. On  Thursday cleaned the school
classes. We are all looking forward to the summer  vacations and
everyone is very glad, that we have finished the year positive. 

In the holidays some of our  students are going to work in several
jobs and a few also work in foreign  countries like Spain and
Fuerteventura. We are happy that next year is our last  school year and
hopefully we do the A-levels. The exams start May 2014 with  three
writing tasks and end in June 2014 with three oral exams. Our class is 
very nervous and we know that we have to learn a lot next school year.
But  first we enjoy our holidays and relax a little bit.
See you in September!




Zoo Munich

On 2nd July  2013 our comenius-class went to Munich and visited the zoo
Hellabrunn. We saw a  lot of animals like lions, penguins and elefants.
The most exciting attraction  was the monkey baby. It was really funny
to watch the baby playing with its  mother.  In the evening our class
was  very tired and we went back home by train.



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