Our project days in Sweden have passed fast and we enjoy remembering the
beautiful time with our host families. In these 4 days from April 7th
to 11th we saw the elk park, the "Europa Huset" as well as the "King´s
Palace" in Stockholm and the "Svanslös Hus" in Uppsala. We had two days
for a few presentations of the facts of migration in Sweden, Austria,
Germany, Latvia and France, which was extremely informative. A lot of
time was spent at the homes of our host families and we enjoyed it very
much. The food they cooked for us was very different from the Austrian
food, but nevertheless it was very delicious. We never thought that elk
meat could taste so interesting.
We could improve our knowledge of English and got many new
impressions, we represented our school successfully in Uppsala and were
highly praised for our work. We think that "learning-by-doing" is a very
important part of our school. 

Lisa and Sarah
Comenius group

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